Scott Johnstone

Curriculum Vitae

Six Sigma Certified IT Specialist

Well-qualified, bi-lingual Network+ Administrator boasting over 15 years of IT and management experience. First program compiled at age 8, first company started at age 18. Extensive background servicing PC hardware and operating systems. Skilled in system and network administration within enterprise-level environments. Highly capable in Linux server environments and cloud-based virtualization.

Areas of strength include:

  • VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Cloud Server Management
  • Project / Budget Development
  • Team Leadership and Relations
  • Linux System Administration
  • System / Network Troubleshooting

Qualification Highlights

  • Experienced with enterprise technologies such as VMWare ESX and Xen virtualization suites, critical backup systems, thinclient/blade computing, Microsoft Active Directory user & group management, software deployment via GPO, Virtual Private Networking, and many more. (See Skill Matrix)
  • Certified Six Sigma White Belt through Aveta Business Institute.
  • Works well in a fast-paced, high-volume environment.
  • Maintains superb client satisfaction. Communicates professionally and easily with customers and co-workers. Known for integrity and honesty in all professional dealings.
  • Highly competent and experienced with management and logistics.

Current Endeavors

NetworkSense Consulting Company Founder, C.E.O.

Specializing in network design, implementation, security assessment, and maintenance, NetworkSense Consulting helps small/new businesses and established corporations achieve their optimal IT potential. As C.E.O., duties include client relations, marketing, and on-site consultation, as well as business strategy and execution.

Work History

NetworkSense Consulting December, 1998
Company Founder, C.E.O. to Present

NetworkSense Consulting was founded in 1998, primarily offering in-home desktop PC support. Upon achieving industry certification, the company evolved to incorporate a more diverse array of services, such as website design and office network design & troubleshooting. Today NetworkSense Consulting focuses almost exclusively on Enterprise- and SoHo-level corporate network management and consultation.

Geeks On The Way April, 2008
Senior Technician to November, 2008

As a sub-contracted mobile PC support technician, responsibilities included client relations, in-home desktop and laptop support (hardware, software, and operating systems) as well as network setup and troubleshooting. Was also responsible for organization and hosting of weekly IRC conferences for all Geeks On The Way technicians across Canada.

U-Wanna-Pizza October, 1997
Delivery Driver to September, 1998

Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction through prompt delivery of goods and keen interpersonal skills.


  • Designed and created numerous user interfaces as alternatives to the Windows Explorer system shell to improve efficiency of user operation and visual aesthetics. [ Example ]
  • Created programs such as CataList (database listing software), Marksman Pro (program to guide a motor-driven laser pointer for creating cue-markers on vinyl records) and Mystify (XOR encryption suite).
  • Attained an excellent working knowledge of HTML/DHTML, C (particularly the Microsoft Win32 API), PHP, Javascript, Perl, Python, and various other scripting languages.
  • Designed and coded many dynamic-content based websites.
  • Composed three original full-length albums of instrumental electronic music, and created several professional DJ mixset CDs. (see to listen and download!)


Six Sigma: White Belt

Lean Six Sigma is a quality management methodoligy which implements the goals of variability reduction and customer satisfaction as a company's core operational ethos. Through the application of Six Sigma principles an organization can reduce defects and can increase output while mitigating operational costs and eliminating waste.

CDI College Diploma: Network Administrator

The CDI College Network Administrator program covers essential subject material for Cisco Certified Network Associates, Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators, concentrating on management and maintenance of critical network elements.

CompTIA: A+

The industry standard for computer support technician certification, CompTIA's A+ certificate demonstrates that its bearer has mastered concepts of installation, maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting of computer systems.

CompTIA: Network+

Network+ certification indicates proficiency with network-related management, maintenance, tuning and monitoring routines. Achievement of the Network+ certification demonstrates an understanding of core networking principles such as TCP packet & IP routing concepts, and bit-level operations in a networked environment.


CDI College 2003-2004

Excelled in all course material to complete the Network Administrator program significantly ahead of schedule. Pursued and completed extra credit courses in TCPI/IP Concepts, Windows Active Directory Design, and Windows Network Infrastructure Design.

Spectrum Senior Secondary School 1997

Pursued the Video Arts & Production program offered at Spectrum as a semester of extra-credit coursework.

Mount Douglas Senior Secondary School 1996-1997

Specialized in Computer Science and Mathematics

Cedar Hill Junior Secondary School 1993-1996

Excelled in Computer Studies, Electronics, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Campus View Elementary School 1985-1993

French Immersion from kindergarten to grade 7.

Personal Qualities

Self-motivated, hard-working, reliable and productive; proven ability to deliver high-quality work and excellent client satisfaction. Extremely intuitive; can see through complex problems clearly and is able to learn new skills and techniques with little time and effort. Has a great sense of humour and enjoys playing guitar for his two sons.

~ References available upon request ~

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